Monday, 4 May 2015

Music Advice. ♡

So I came to a conclusion recently.

The way I cope with my depression falls heavily on what sort of music listen to.

I mostly listen to Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance, but I listen to an array of other things too.

So, today, I want to talk about the music you chose to listen to when you're feeling depressed.

**clears throat**

When you're down in the dumps, you want to know that you're not the only one feeling these feelings. And that's a completely normal thing to do.
However, sometimes that can do more harm than good.
Personally, my depression has been acting up recently. It's been getting harder to manage by myself, so I've been listening to A LOT of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.
After looking through my iTunes and remembering I hadn't listening to BVB's newest album much, I listened to Heart of Fire.
I realised then that my music effects my depression.
Black Veil Brides makes me feel powerful, and Andy's screams helps to calm me down because I feel like he's screaming out for me.
Whereas My Chemical Romance makes me feel normal, like it's okay to be miserable sometimes. And it's okay to not be okay.

But because I had been listening to so much My Chem, my mind wasn't controlling my depression as much because it kept thinking that it's okay to be miserable.

All I can say is...oops.

So, now for the advice part of this rant.

Sit down and think about the music you listen to. Think about how the vocalists voice makes you feel, how the guitars make you relaxed, how the drums rock you to sleep.
Think about all these things, and consider, "is this the sort of music I should be listening to right now?"

If the answer is no, then listen to another band or find a new one. Change it up, or change kid pace. You'll find that it can really change how you think about your depression. ♡

If the answer is yes, then listening away my darling. ♡
And please try to remember what I said when the answer is no.

You music should be helping you, not making your depression take control.

Its okay my darling, it'll get better soon. ♡
And your music will help that. ♡

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