Saturday, 9 May 2015

I think I've done a bad thing.

So, as you probably know from some of my other posts, I'm currently dating my first boyfriend.
We've been together for about 18 months, so a year and a half.

Today I spent the day at his house, we were mostly home alone. So, like most teenagers with nothing to hold us back, we to put it...some special alone time.

My boyfriend has two siblings, a brother and a sister. His sister has been away for a few weeks, she's been in hospital because of a bad reaction to medication. His brother stays at home most of the time, today he was working.

I have a suspicion that he came home while we were doing it, and perhaps he left to see a friend to wait it out.

However, the time where I live is 1:25am.
We were "shaking the bed" at 4-ish.

His brother has been gone for 9 hours, my boyfriend hasn't been able to contact him at all.

I feel sick to my core. If anything has happened to him, (mind you he's walking not driving), I'd feel so unbelievably horrible.

I've been barely able to keep my anxiety in check, and I'm too worried to sleep.

I apologise for my anxiety ramble, I just needed to get this off my chest before I exploded.
I'm so unbelievably nervous, I doubt I'll sleep tonight.

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